2B on B2B

2B on B2B


August is past and the dog days are dwindling, thankfully. This is not to say we didn’t enjoy ourselves out there. In fact as expected we had a good number of excellent days of fishing. I especially enjoyed having world sailfish champion and host of NBC sports’ Bass 2 Billfish, Peter Miller, and his friends out for some great bass action.  If you have not seen his show it is a great one that shows off many of the state of Florida’s best fishing spots.  Pete and his crew were a lot of fun to have and I can’t wait to see the final product as we had a very nice weather day and cooperative fishing which combined for some really good footage.

The episode is scheduled to air somewhere around the end of January 2014. I’ll be sure to remind everyone when the airtime comes closer.

Moving forward into September I anticipate more good fishing and the coming of some nicer weather. As my northern friends stop wearing white and start to realize the coming of old man winter again my thoughts are turning toward the coming of prespawn and the best weather of the year.  Sorry guys and gals but that’s just the plain truth. I invite you to come on down help me enjoy Florida at it’s finest.