Summertime Already?

//Summertime Already?

Summertime Already?

Well since we have already seen a few days hit the 90 degree point and some sea breeze storms have begun to form in the afternoon, I’d say the summertime patterns are upon us here in Central Florida.  That doesn’t mean the fish aren’t biting. They definitely are. Recent trips have proven to be successful with artificial baits as well as wild shiners.  It seems the fish are on the move though toward deeper water as the post spawn progresses. Generally this means that one should be ready to hit the lake as early as possible before the heat and rain makes things a bit tougher. Still there is no place I’d rather be on a hot day than out on the lake.  One can always fire up the big motor and fly along to create a cooling breeze and a nice cold beverage of your choice is never a bad thing on a warm day. Plus if you catch them when they are eating it’s too fun to think about much else.

dave habermas 20130416

My old college buddy Dave Habermas took a day with his dad, Walter, to catch up and landed several nice fish including a personal best. It was great to see an old friend and I know there are more out there, old or new, who I would love to treat to a great day of fishing but you have got to call me.


Tom Pape and four of his buddies came out for a two boat tournament and had a great day including this 5 lb. double. Who’s next? I’m ready!