Biting Bass and Birds

//Biting Bass and Birds

Biting Bass and Birds


April has been kind to those of us who call Central Florida home. We have enjoyed a number of good days on the lake and have had lots of chances to get out and experience the nice weather and some fine spring bass fishing.

I had the opportunity to take out Nick Anderson and his friend Lon Danielson for a day before Nick returned to his home in Iowa. We had a nice day and caught some good fish and Nick got some great action shots of the local feathered friends with his large zoom lens.




Our old friend, Greg Beyers, made another day trip to Farm 13 to show his Brother James and his nephew, Danny, some primo bass fishing Florida style.  Those California boys were indeed shown a good time as the day was nice and the bass did bite pretty well for them.  The Beyers family competition of 1st, most, biggest went down to the wire with the youngster Danny grabbing 2 out of 3. Despite a late in the day charge attempt at a sweep, Uncle Greg did capture the most for the day leaving James a bit lighter in the wallet overall.

Danny and Greg double2013

The thing I’ll leave you with this time is, ” We always have fun.”  Come on out and get some. All you need to do is call.