The Boys Were Back in Town

//The Boys Were Back in Town

The Boys Were Back in Town

This past weekend the Harris Chain of Lakes and the City of Tavares were the host to B.A.S.S. and the Elite series. 99 of the world’s best bass fisherman gathered to test their mettle in central Florida. The local turnout and support for the event was excellent and proves that interest in the sport is strong in this area.



The tournament ultimately was won by the sight fisherman who keyed in to bedding bass in residential canals and small ponds. Florida native and all around nice guy, Shaw Grigsby, took control on day 2 and never looked back, holding on to win for the first time in a decade. Second place went to Grant Goldbeck who amazingly went from 97th place on day one to 2nd on day two with a 27 pound catch bag. These two battled it out in the same area and showed how perseverance, consistency and confidence are everything in this sport.



All in all it was great to get out and see these professionals in their element and support them in their effort to fulfill their dreams. If the tour comes anywhere close to where you live I suggest you stop in and check them out it is worth your time.



Now it’s back to the Stick Marsh and some more incredible fishing. The forecast for the upcoming week looks awesome and I predict some heavyweights will be had on my boat for sure. Call me toll free at 866-227-7066 if you are ready to go. It doesn’t get much better than right now.