Howdy Wilson


When Gary Wilson and his friend Jeff Banik arrived at the Stick Marsh last week their expectations were high and so were their standards. You see they had heard the rumours for years about the big bass that stalk the waters of Farm 13 and now the day had finally come that they should have the chance to see first hand. We want a 10 pounder they exclaimed. That makes for a bit of pressure for me “the guide” to produce and put these two on fish. Adding to that they had successfully fished the Big O for the previous two days and had done well. I sighed a relief when we quickly boated the first bass within 5 minutes of our first stop and thought OK it’s going to be another good day. Only problem was that it immediately slowed to a snails pace. Not to fear I have more spots I told them and I did. We repositioned and started to get into the fish pretty well at stop two. “The Cafeteria” I told them, this is where the school eats. 10 good sized fish on in a hurry and we are feeling good. Then the spillway gates open wide and the entire cove fills with turbid water and tons of floating hyacinth, effectively closing the cafeteria doors. Hmm, oh well need another spot, off we go throttling up the Legend into the increasing NW winds hopefully toward another honey hole. Positioned well at stop 3 with power poles down we found what we were looking for and ended the day landing another 15 healthy 4-7 lb. largemouths. Did we get a double digit? No, but we did have a great time and once again the Stick Marsh/Farm 13 proved a reliably steady fishery that deserves the reputation it’s gained. Wilson told me, with a grin, they would be back again to hunt out that double digit bass of a lifetime. I assured him, we will be here, just call me.