Ah… Nothing Like Autumn in Florida!

//Ah… Nothing Like Autumn in Florida!

Ah… Nothing Like Autumn in Florida!

Okay, so maybe you’ve been thinking, “I wonder what’s been happening at the Stick Marsh lately?” It has been a while since I have updated so I’m going to give you a full report of the summer doings at the Stick. When I wrote last the April bite was absolutely on fire which continued well into the month of May. During the last two weeks of May the love bugs swarmed to biblical proportions and the lack of rain made the lake levels drop to the point of dangerous navigation. In fact it actually shut down the possibility to get past the sandbar on Blue Cypress. Lack of safe water forced me to move the boat to the Harris chain for two months. If you have ever fished the summer months on Harris you know it’s not exactly a picnic, it’s hot and sometimes very slow.


By the end of July and early August the summer rains and the SJWM had replenished the water supply in the Stick Marsh and we were once again catching plenty of fish for as long as you could stand the heat. I have to tell you that I had some days when I was the only person out there and I caught so many fish I just had to laugh. To quote the B-52’s, it was my own private Idahole, so to speak. Several days were spent virtually alone amongst the gators and the birds and literally hundreds of largemouth bass all released to be caught again another day.


We received a significant amount of rain this past week, in excess of 10 inches in a 48 hr. time period, and the spillways have been flowing hard. Blue Cypress went from barely accessible to overflowing and I am anxious to get back out there to see how the fish are reacting to all the new space they have. The best thing is the heat is finally easing up and the water temps are heading toward prime. I’m sure the fish are beginning to feed up and the best days of the year have at long last arrived. Think wild shiners and topwaters and cool sunny days. I’m excited!


That’s what my summer was like. How was yours? Why not come out for some fishing and tell me all about it. I look forward to hearing all your stories. Who knows maybe that day will provide you with your chance for the tale about the time you caught your personal best at the Stick Marsh. I know that fish is out there and it could very likely be just One Cast Away. Call me and we can make your arrangements 352-250-1007.