Topwater Time Good Success!

//Topwater Time Good Success!

Topwater Time Good Success!

There are very few things as exciting in bass fishing than the thrill of a trophy sized bass inhaling a topwater lure. If you have experienced this, you know exactly what I mean. If not, this is the time to get out there and receive the rush. Last week was exceptional as the hungry post spawn bass just slammed the top baits offered all day long. I had good success with chug bugs, and sammys and I expect that a zara spook or devils horse would also do well. I did not give them a try since the others were working so well. Soft plastics also worked well when ready to change the pace a bit or to rest your wrist after twitching the chug bug for hours.


The truly amazing thing to me is that on most days there are only a handful of anglers out there enjoying this catching bonanza. It seems like your own personal playground. One angler last week exclaimed that there should be a law against having this much fun. I’m not sure about that but I would think that more of you should take the time to get out there and see for yourself just how fun it can be. If the wind and weather are cooperative on the day you choose you can easily expect 25 -50 fish with many of them 5 lbs. or better.


Don’t think you have the skills to excel in this type of fishing? No problem you can still catch plenty of fish using live bait. Pennsylvanians Bill and Allen Rudolph can attest to that as they had a great day of catching using wild shiners. Problem was we only had four dozen baits and the bites were fast and furious early on. Still there goal was quality over quantity and they were not denied as Bill scored his personal best, a 25 inch 8lb. beauty. They had a great day on the Stick Marsh.


Perhaps you would like to improve your skills a bit on a particular technique. This is also no problem. What you need is a trip to bass camp this summer. I am offering a summer camp special which includes multiple days of fishing and lodging at beautiful Blue Cypress Lake. The days will be filled with tips on technique and lessons on mastering the cast and catch. It’s a chance to finally learn to use that baitcaster you have been afraid of or figure out that bait you just can’t seem to make work. You will also experience some of the finest nature the area has to provide. Quality equipment, personal attention and a beautiful setting will ensure you an excellent way to improve your bass angling skills. You may even be lucky enough to catch a FWC tagged fish worth up to $500 at Blue Cypress.


If you want to have stories about “this summer at bass camp” contact me by e-mail at or call 866-227-7066 for dates and details.