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Thanks Pop

My old college friend, Scott Farrugia, and I reunited after a long time no see to share a day of bass fishing with his son and his buddy. We had a blast sharing old times and watching the boys making memories.  Those kids could fish too. Weather was nice and the fish were eating, it made for a special day. One thing is for sure, time flies and kids grow faster than a bass at the stick marsh, so take some time and treat your loved ones to a day they won’t forget.


Fall Fishing in our Spacious New Boat


Fall is such a subtle season here in Central Florida.  We quickly went from oppressive heat to comfortably cool and we are now set to slip into prespawn paterns and the annual spawn.  For me this time of the year is the absolute best and it just torments me to miss out on a good weather day.  Luckily there were quite a few nice ones we were able to take advantage of in November.


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Time sure flies when the fishing is good

Hard to believe it is Easter already seems like it was just Turkey day. Boy oh boy time sure flies when the fishing is good. Since a picture is worth a thousand words I’ve put together a few grand worth to visually explain what the first quarter of 2012 was like.


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