Catch a Trophy

Want to catch a double digit sized bass in Central Florida this winter? Join the club!big o f2012fishings-good-1ziggy biggydb dd vert Catching big fish takes several factors that must all come together at once.  First and foremost luck has very little to do with it. Next you must diligently present your offering in the appropriate areas. In other words keep casting to the spots where you believe the big ones live. The more you are out there the better your chances become. Third pay attention to details., always learn something.

The Stickmarsh Farm 13 impoundment holds giant fish.  The savvy angler knows this and also knows he or she has the chance for a personal best with literally every cast. Of course this doesn’t always work out but the mere possibility is what drives us to continue the pursuit. Onecastaway can help you find those fish in style.

126-n-myrtleNew for 2017, I’m working to convert this 100 year old house in Fellsmere into a fishing club house of sorts. Club memberships are available and will entitle anglers to many special benefits including bed and bassfest sleepovers, kitchen and bath privileges  secure boat park & charge, local guide knowledge, loads of BS and the likelihood of adult beverage consumption après fish. It’s not exactly the Ritz but it is a 3 BR cracker house and it’s only 9 miles to the stickmarsh ramp. For more details contact Capt. Dean 352-250-1007