Howdy Wilson


When Gary Wilson and his friend Jeff Banik arrived at the Stick Marsh last week their expectations were high and so were their standards. You see they had heard the rumours for years about the big bass that stalk the waters of Farm 13 and now the day had finally come that they should have the chance to see first hand. We want a 10 pounder they exclaimed. That makes for a bit of pressure for me “the guide” to produce and put these two on fish. Adding to that they had successfully fished the Big O for the previous two days and had done well. I sighed a relief when we quickly boated the first bass within 5 minutes of our first stop and thought OK it’s going to be another good day. Only problem was that it immediately slowed to a snails pace. Not to fear I have more spots I told them and I did. We repositioned and started to get into the fish pretty well at stop two. “The Cafeteria” I told them, this is where the school eats. 10 good sized fish on in a hurry and we are feeling good. Then the spillway gates open wide and the entire cove fills with turbid water and tons of floating hyacinth, effectively closing the cafeteria doors. Hmm, oh well need another spot, off we go throttling up the Legend into the increasing NW winds hopefully toward another honey hole. Positioned well at stop 3 with power poles down we found what we were looking for and ended the day landing another 15 healthy 4-7 lb. largemouths. Did we get a double digit? No, but we did have a great time and once again the Stick Marsh/Farm 13 proved a reliably steady fishery that deserves the reputation it’s gained. Wilson told me, with a grin, they would be back again to hunt out that double digit bass of a lifetime. I assured him, we will be here, just call me.

New Look

Legend Alpha 211

Notice: Onecastaway has a new look webpage that will endeavor to keep anglers aware of new things in our corner of the world of bass fishing. Whether it’s the new boat, an up to date fishing report, or perhaps a review of a new product that might help improve your catching, you will find it here.  As the Captain of this ship I will endeavor to keep things fresh and interesting for you the reader. I invite you to move about the pages and enjoy the content. Feel free to comment where appropriate and sign up to recieve notice when something new is posted. My main objective is to keep interested anglers informed of the year round comings and goings of bass fishing in Central Florida and give you an opportunity to see and experience first hand the thrill of chasing trophy largemouth bass in an area where the landing the fish of a lifetime is always onecastaway.


Fall Fishing in our Spacious New Boat


Fall is such a subtle season here in Central Florida.  We quickly went from oppressive heat to comfortably cool and we are now set to slip into prespawn paterns and the annual spawn.  For me this time of the year is the absolute best and it just torments me to miss out on a good weather day.  Luckily there were quite a few nice ones we were able to take advantage of in November.


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Time sure flies when the fishing is good

Hard to believe it is Easter already seems like it was just Turkey day. Boy oh boy time sure flies when the fishing is good. Since a picture is worth a thousand words I’ve put together a few grand worth to visually explain what the first quarter of 2012 was like.


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Shiner’s Are Golden Ticket

This is definitely the time of the year when the golden ticket to big bass at the Stick Marsh is golden shiners. Purists may look down their nose on fishing with live baits but I have to say that when the time is right the action is fast and furious and the big ones are ready to play. It is fun catching for everyone from the first time novice to the seasoned expert.



For those anglers that are new to this there is often a small learning curve to setting the hook right and fighting the fish back to the boat but fear not as you will likely have plenty of bites to help improve your technique.

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Ah… Nothing Like Autumn in Florida!

Okay, so maybe you’ve been thinking, “I wonder what’s been happening at the Stick Marsh lately?” It has been a while since I have updated so I’m going to give you a full report of the summer doings at the Stick. When I wrote last the April bite was absolutely on fire which continued well into the month of May. During the last two weeks of May the love bugs swarmed to biblical proportions and the lack of rain made the lake levels drop to the point of dangerous navigation. In fact it actually shut down the possibility to get past the sandbar on Blue Cypress. Lack of safe water forced me to move the boat to the Harris chain for two months. If you have ever fished the summer months on Harris you know it’s not exactly a picnic, it’s hot and sometimes very slow.


By the end of July and early August the summer rains and the SJWM had replenished the water supply in the Stick Marsh and we were once again catching plenty of fish for as long as you could stand the heat. I have to tell you that I had some days when I was the only person out there and I caught so many fish I just had to laugh. Continue reading

Topwater Time Good Success!

There are very few things as exciting in bass fishing than the thrill of a trophy sized bass inhaling a topwater lure. If you have experienced this, you know exactly what I mean. If not, this is the time to get out there and receive the rush. Last week was exceptional as the hungry post spawn bass just slammed the top baits offered all day long. I had good success with chug bugs, and sammys and I expect that a zara spook or devils horse would also do well. I did not give them a try since the others were working so well. Soft plastics also worked well when ready to change the pace a bit or to rest your wrist after twitching the chug bug for hours.


The truly amazing thing to me is that on most days there are only a handful of anglers out there enjoying this catching bonanza. It seems like your own personal playground. One angler last week exclaimed that there should be a law against having this much fun. I’m not sure about that but I would think that more of you should take the time to get out there and see for yourself just how fun it can be. If the wind and weather are cooperative on the day you choose you can easily expect 25 -50 fish with many of them 5 lbs. or better.

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The Boys Were Back in Town

This past weekend the Harris Chain of Lakes and the City of Tavares were the host to B.A.S.S. and the Elite series. 99 of the world’s best bass fisherman gathered to test their mettle in central Florida. The local turnout and support for the event was excellent and proves that interest in the sport is strong in this area.



The tournament ultimately was won by the sight fisherman who keyed in to bedding bass in residential canals and small ponds. Florida native and all around nice guy, Shaw Grigsby, took control on day 2 and never looked back, holding on to win for the first time in a decade. Second place went to Grant Goldbeck who amazingly went from 97th place on day one to 2nd on day two with a 27 pound catch bag. These two battled it out in the same area and showed how perseverance, consistency and confidence are everything in this sport.

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