Catch a Trophy

Want to catch a double digit sized bass in Central Florida this winter? Join the club!big o f2012fishings-good-1ziggy biggydb dd vert Catching big fish takes several factors that must all come together at once.  First and foremost luck has very little to do with it. Next you must diligently present your offering in the appropriate areas. In other words keep casting to the spots where you believe the big ones live. The more you are out there the better your chances become. Third pay attention to details., always learn something.

The Stickmarsh Farm 13 impoundment holds giant fish.  The savvy angler knows this and also knows he or she has the chance for a personal best with literally every cast. Of course this doesn’t always work out but the mere possibility is what drives us to continue the pursuit. Onecastaway can help you find those fish in style.

126-n-myrtleNew for 2017, I’m working to convert this 100 year old house in Fellsmere into a fishing club house of sorts. Club memberships are available and will entitle anglers to many special benefits including bed and bassfest sleepovers, kitchen and bath privileges  secure boat park & charge, local guide knowledge, loads of BS and the likelihood of adult beverage consumption après fish. It’s not exactly the Ritz but it is a 3 BR cracker house and it’s only 9 miles to the stickmarsh ramp. For more details contact Capt. Dean 352-250-1007

Love that Legend

I never get tired of hearing “Nice Boat” from total strangers. It always brings a smile to my face when I thank them for noticing. Another thing about being the owner of the Legend A211 is the peace of mind I have in knowing that I am riding one of the most well built reliable boats in the industry. The quality of build is undeniable as is the comfort of ride in the roughest of conditions.

david s legend


If you or anyone you know is looking for the best boat in bass fishing I highly recommend going for a test ride in a Legend. I’m willing to bet it will be a ride you won’t regret. BTW if your ready to pull the trigger on a 2013 demo model that is absolutely loaded, contact me and I can put you into this beautiful rig featured below. Ready to fish and won’t last long.  “Ride with a Legend”


Warm Weather Vacation

Not exactly a news flash but January 2014 has started off gripping the country in a polar vortex. What the heck is that? What happened to global warming you wonder. Well I don’t know or care I guess. The thing that I do know is I’m glad to be here in the sunshine state and for the most part quite comfortable. Sure a couple of cool nights here and there but quickly back to the 80’s and the serious business of catching trophy bass. This is what I live for and you can help both of us by coming on down for your chance at the big one.

db dd vert

If you need more visual convincing I would remind you to tune in to NBC Sports’ Bass 2 Billfish to see my friend and 3 time world sailfish champion Peter Miller take a couple of his childhood buddies fishing at the Stick Marsh. The initial showing will be aired on Jan.20 at 8am and again on the 22nd at 3pm. The show will also air later this season on WFN network. We had a great time that day and I am excited to see the end product. Please tune in if you can.


Bottom line: It’s time to get out of the vortex and warm your pole in the honey hole its onecastaway.

trophy catch logo

Thanks Pop

My old college friend, Scott Farrugia, and I reunited after a long time no see to share a day of bass fishing with his son and his buddy. We had a blast sharing old times and watching the boys making memories.  Those kids could fish too. Weather was nice and the fish were eating, it made for a special day. One thing is for sure, time flies and kids grow faster than a bass at the stick marsh, so take some time and treat your loved ones to a day they won’t forget.

2B on B2B


August is past and the dog days are dwindling, thankfully. This is not to say we didn’t enjoy ourselves out there. In fact as expected we had a good number of excellent days of fishing. I especially enjoyed having world sailfish champion and host of NBC sports’ Bass 2 Billfish, Peter Miller, and his friends out for some great bass action.  If you have not seen his show it is a great one that shows off many of the state of Florida’s best fishing spots.  Pete and his crew were a lot of fun to have and I can’t wait to see the final product as we had a very nice weather day and cooperative fishing which combined for some really good footage.

The episode is scheduled to air somewhere around the end of January 2014. I’ll be sure to remind everyone when the airtime comes closer.

Moving forward into September I anticipate more good fishing and the coming of some nicer weather. As my northern friends stop wearing white and start to realize the coming of old man winter again my thoughts are turning toward the coming of prespawn and the best weather of the year.  Sorry guys and gals but that’s just the plain truth. I invite you to come on down help me enjoy Florida at it’s finest.



Can You Break a Hundred?


Have you wondered when it is possible to go out to the Stick Marsh and catch a hundred or more bass in one day? I’ll let you in on a little secret it’s most likely to happen now in the hottest days of summer when the SJRWM has the water running and the fish are chomping. Sure it’s hot and there might be some rain storms to dodge but when you can reel in a bunch of nice ones cast after cast it’s worth it.  Plus there are very few others out there to here you scream.  Not convinced? Give me a chance to it prove it to you by knocking a Franklin of the top. That’s right $100 off the full day rate from the 4th of July till Labor day.  $300 bucks to catch (and release) 300 lbs. of Florida Largemouth. Call or e-mail, choose a day, mention, Benjamin Bass, and it’s a deal!

Good Day on Griffin


Mike Mraz came all the way from Hawaii to visit with his friend Steve Burrelli and decided to spend a day fishing for Fl. strain largemouth on the Harris Chain.  We loaded up the Legend and made an early morning assault on Lake Griffin.  It did not take long before Mike landed this nice fish and we all got our lines stretched pretty quickly. In fact each spot we checked produced quality fish and we managed to catch 21 from daylight to 2 pm. Old school lures were prevalent with the Johnson silver spoon and a Culprit curly tail junebug worm leading the way. Unfortunately the two biggest fish proved to be too tough for the line test and didn’t quite make it all the way to the boat but they did show themselves and they were definitely bigheads. Win some lose some but we know we had the chance and that is what keeps us coming back.  I must say it was nice to have a trip on local waters. I did not miss the commute and the fishing was pretty darn good.  Summer specials on the Harris chain are available. Call me for details 866-BASS-066

Summertime Already?

Well since we have already seen a few days hit the 90 degree point and some sea breeze storms have begun to form in the afternoon, I’d say the summertime patterns are upon us here in Central Florida.  That doesn’t mean the fish aren’t biting. They definitely are. Recent trips have proven to be successful with artificial baits as well as wild shiners.  It seems the fish are on the move though toward deeper water as the post spawn progresses. Generally this means that one should be ready to hit the lake as early as possible before the heat and rain makes things a bit tougher. Still there is no place I’d rather be on a hot day than out on the lake.  One can always fire up the big motor and fly along to create a cooling breeze and a nice cold beverage of your choice is never a bad thing on a warm day. Plus if you catch them when they are eating it’s too fun to think about much else.

dave habermas 20130416

My old college buddy Dave Habermas took a day with his dad, Walter, to catch up and landed several nice fish including a personal best. It was great to see an old friend and I know there are more out there, old or new, who I would love to treat to a great day of fishing but you have got to call me.


Tom Pape and four of his buddies came out for a two boat tournament and had a great day including this 5 lb. double. Who’s next? I’m ready!

Biting Bass and Birds


April has been kind to those of us who call Central Florida home. We have enjoyed a number of good days on the lake and have had lots of chances to get out and experience the nice weather and some fine spring bass fishing.

I had the opportunity to take out Nick Anderson and his friend Lon Danielson for a day before Nick returned to his home in Iowa. We had a nice day and caught some good fish and Nick got some great action shots of the local feathered friends with his large zoom lens.




Our old friend, Greg Beyers, made another day trip to Farm 13 to show his Brother James and his nephew, Danny, some primo bass fishing Florida style.  Those California boys were indeed shown a good time as the day was nice and the bass did bite pretty well for them.  The Beyers family competition of 1st, most, biggest went down to the wire with the youngster Danny grabbing 2 out of 3. Despite a late in the day charge attempt at a sweep, Uncle Greg did capture the most for the day leaving James a bit lighter in the wallet overall.

Danny and Greg double2013

The thing I’ll leave you with this time is, ” We always have fun.”  Come on out and get some. All you need to do is call.


Stick Marsh Never Dull

Bill Bennett

The unique thing about bass fishing at the Stick Marsh is no matter if the bite is really on or somewhat slower it is always fun. There is just so much pure nature to observe and experience that it is impossible not to be impressed. Be it huge alligators or multitudes of different bird species, an exhilarating boat ride, or maybe just an unusual happening that makes for an interesting story or two it is just never dull. Couple that with some of the most consistent big bass catching anywhere, anytime, and you have the recipe for an awesome day on the water.

Weather, of course, is the most limiting factor to enjoyment. Luckily this is the sunshine state so more often than not your chances are good. We had very little real cold weather this winter and now that spring has arrived I expect there to be loads of great fishing days ahead.

If this sounds like something you would like to experience firsthand, all you need to do is contact me to set up your day on the lake and I’ll show you what I’m talking about.

Roger Brown